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R&D Thermoplastics Engineer III

R&D Thermoplastics Engineer III

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Triumph Group designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs and overhauls a broad portfolio of aviation and industrial components, accessories, subassemblies, systems and aircraft structures. We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators of commercial, regional, business and military aircraft worldwide, to provide products and services that solve their hardest problems. So whatever the part, component or complexity of assembly, Triumph is committed to quality, service and meeting the specialized needs of each customer.


Triumph participates at all levels of the aerospace supply chain – from single components, to complex systems, to aerospace structures and their contents. We provide solutions for the entire product life cycle of an aircraft – from raw material to aftermarket service. Our unique ability to integrate a broad range of products and capabilities is our competitive advantage.

Job Summary


This role is responsible for leading the innovation process as well as identification and prioritization of projects to align with TCS strategic goals.  In addition, will be responsible for leading specific innovation projects from initial idea generation to final commercialization.




Requires expertise in the understanding of thermoplastic material properties, application of statistical principles to the analysis of designed experimentation, and extensive experience with mechanical testing of thermoplastic composites.

  • This position plays a key role in developing the foundational data required for creating optimized processing parameters and material characteristics used in thermoforming of thermoplastics, compression molding of chopped fiber thermoplastics, and the automation of those process.


  • Deep understanding of the processing parameters and material characteristics of thermoplastic resins (e.g. Glass Transition, Crystallinity, Melt Temp, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of statistical principles (Variance, Population Density, Monte-Carlo Simulation, etc.) and application of those principles to the setup and analysis of designed experimentation.
  • Extensive experience with mechanical testing of thermoplastic composites (Long/Short Beam, Tension, Compression, Filled Hole, DSC, etc.)
  • Knowledge expert and coach for other engineers in the alignment and compliance with the Innovation process.
  • Demonstrated bias for action and a desire to move forward in a positive direction even when faced with opposition or ambiguity.
  • Leads idea creation sessions for new ideas for further investigation during innovation projects.
  • Initiates, directs, and executes scientific research and development seen as critical to the TCS strategies.
  • Develops and maintains complex test plans consisting of developed experimentation and statistical methods.
  • Track and maintain development budgets, schedules, and status updates for innovation and renovation projects.
  • Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art principles and theory in the areas of strategic importance to TCS.
  • Makes contributions to scientific literature and conferences.
  • Responsible for the programming, planning, and operation of all equipment within the engineering lab.
  • Manages interaction and successful negotiation with multi-disciplinary teams containing both internal TCS members as well as members external to TCS.
  • Develops technical documentation regarding the innovation projects.
  • Will often be required to act as a project leader.
  • Evaluates emerging technologies for potential application to business needs.
  • Contacts include interactions with customers (internal and external) and suppliers on technical matters often requiring strong presentation skills.
  • Responsible for the design and development of tools, products, and processes as needed for innovation projects and programs.
  • May be assigned to other duties determined by management for the purposes of new employee orientation, cross-training, skill enhancement, work load leveling, as examples.


  • Individuals understand their own and other members' styles of thinking and how they affect teamwork
  • Individuals understand the different roles included in effective teamwork and responsibilities of each role
  • Individuals use effective group communication skills: listening, speaking, visual
  • Individuals cooperate to support effective teamwork


Problem Definition

  • Individuals understand the open-ended nature of problems
  • Individuals develop specific goal statements after gathering information about a problem
  • Individuals recognize the importance of problem definition for development of an appropriate design
  • Individuals develop problem definitions with specific criteria and constraints


Idea Generation

  • Teams and individuals identify and utilize environments that support idea generation
  • Teams brainstorm effectively
  • Individuals apply effective techniques in their own idea generation
  • Teams use techniques that synthesize ideas to increase overall idea generation


Evaluation and Decision Making

  • Teams follow an iterative approach that employs evaluation repeatedly in the design process
  • Teams and individuals apply simple matrix techniques for evaluating proposed solutions



  • Individuals practice effective listening skills for receiving information accurately
  • Individuals exhibit appropriate nonverbal mannerisms (e.g., eye contact) in interpersonal communication
  • Individuals give and receive constructive criticism and suggestions
  • Individuals record group activities and outcomes, ideas, data, and other information in personal design journals
  • Individuals produce technical papers and memos in an acceptable style and format
  • Teams present design information in group oral presentations
  • Individuals communicate geometric relationships using drawings and sketches




Required Experience/Education
- Bachelor’s degree in Engineering required
Candidate needs experience with design experimentation, and a background in thermal plastics,

- Seven (7) or more years of related experience or education related to research and development
- Makes final decisions on innovation project directions and strategic alignment 
Preferred Experience/Education 
- Masters degree in Business or Engineering
- 2-3 Years experience with CATIA V5
- Manufacturing processes utilizing thermoplastic materials including resin, tape and sheet goods
- Experience with microscopy, mechanical and thermal testing equipment and procedures
- Ability to develop and communicate financial and business level documentation
- ABET Accreditation preferred